Thursday, 14 June 2012

100 Years Apart

Finally, with the help of my friend Jim, I managed to mount NEX-F3 (2012) on ICA A-G Dresden (circa 1912). I was so excited to test this combo that didn't even dust the camera off :) The lens is Carl Zeiss Tessar 13,5 cm 1:6.3

Jim drilled the hole (about 2.5") in the film holder and then I used Epoxy Steel ($ 4.99 ) to glue cheapo adapter ($9.99 eBay) to it.

 Total cost of modification  - $ 15

The shutter on the old camera is set to T (it stays open all the time), NEX-F3 is set to aperture priority, manual focus and "Release w/o Lens = Enable".  The focusing is very simple and accurate, thanks to focus peaking and magnification. Articulating LCD helps a lot to take pictures at a low vantage point.

 Tessar 135mm 1:6.3 + NEX-F3
  Tessar 135mm 1:6.3 + NEX-F3
  Tessar 135mm 1:6.3 + NEX-F3

I will add more pictures over the weekend.


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