Saturday, 9 June 2012

NEX-F3 + MC ROKKOR-PG 58mm 1:1.2

I am still learning this little camera and how it works with old legacy lenses. This time I tested Minolta MC ROKKOR-PG is 58/1.2 lens. When paired with NEX-F3 it provides 87mm focal lens (equivalent) and a very shallow depth of field.  The lens is big and heavy.

 Below are couple samples from my outdoor lab in the garden :)

NEX-F3 + MC ROKKOR-PG 58mm @ 1.2 Converted into B&W in PS

NEX-F3 + MC ROKKOR-PG 58mm @ 1.2

Overall I am very happy with camera/lens performance. Thanks to the excellent focus peaking function I am getting in-focus images consistently, even with such a shallow depth of field. 
I would like to re-word

"the 'magic' bokeh of the 58mm f/1.2, which for nearly 40 years is mesmerizing photographers"

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