Monday, 18 June 2012

X-PRO 1 + MD ROKKOR-X 85mm 1:1.7 (part 1)

This lens is known for its excellent color rendition and bokeh. MD version is very rare, it was produced for about one year only. I was chasing it for a long time and finally I got one in absolutely mint condition. I brought it into my garden lab immediately!
* More images added 2012-06-29
It is well built, it is big, it is heavy and it's just beautiful piece of glass.
And yes, rumors about its incredible colors, contrast, sharpness and bokeh are true. This lens definitely has a character and renders images with, what I call, a "mystique light" :) See more tales from my savage garden below.
 X-PRO 1 + MD ROKKOR-X 85mm @ 1.7
More pictures to come.
Here it goes as of 2012-06-29

Part 2 can be found here.


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