Friday, 8 June 2012



After posting initial output from LR 4.1 I had received an overwhelming response to re-test with different setup.

Thank you for all recommendations and suggestions. So I decided to re-test with the following modifications.
1. Use standard FUJINON 35mm lens @ 5.6
2. Re-shoot long and close range scenes using jpeg and RAW @ 200 ISO
3. Add SILKYPIX output for the reference

Another recommendation was to use a custom X-PRO1 profile for LR4.1 but couldn't find one yet.

Long range. LR 4.1 output shows "painting" effect on the leaves and colors are over-saturated. OOC jpeg delivers the most accurate representation of the actual scene. SILKYPIX colors washed out a bit.
Close range. LR 4.1 colors are still over-saturated, but no "painting" effect. OOC jpeg is still the most accurate closely followed by SILKYPIX output.

Out of curiosity I also decided to compare Fujinon 35mm 1:1.4 and Nikkor 28mm 1:2.8 (since I don't have any lenses in 35mm range) to see if a lens choice has any impact on raw output.

Color rendition is different (over-saturated with F35 and more accurate with N28) but "painting" effect is still obvious in both photos because both raw files were processed in LR4.1 :)

All files are located at:

Bottom line: I know that most of the issues above can be corrected by making some proper adjustments to the tool (camera, software or both).

With X-PRO 1 I am consistently getting excellent results from OOC jpegs. So why should I bother with extra processing?:)


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