Sunday, 28 April 2013

April colours

I decided to re-process some of my X-Trans raw files with recently updated Aperture.

Both were taken with Fujifilm X-Pro1+ Fujinon 35mm

*** April 30th ***
First signs that spring is just around the corner :)

Fujifilm X-Pro1+ Nikkor 28mm AI-s

I am very pleased with results. Colours are vibrant and details are crisp.
On the second shot the small patch of new grass on the slope looks completely grey with other converters. Yep, it's difficult to see it but it's there and it is green:)

I say it for the third time: impressed.

If you are into colour photography with X-Trans camera then you should seriously consider Aperture.



  1. I think its only "correct" developer in most cases. It shows a bit more noise and moiré, but thats supposed to happen when demosaicing is done right.

    1. Apple did really good job.

    2. Yep, so good job that Im actually thinking about second-hand X-E1 + 18-55. :D

      Btw. those lanterns after frozen rain are pretty awesome..

    3. Thanks. You can't go wrong XE1+18-55 :)

  2. Great shot with the street lights . . .


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