Saturday, 27 April 2013

Testing Aperture 3.4.4 with X-Trans support

Today I decided to test Aperture one more time, just to see if my first impression was right.

I took Fujifilm X-Pro 1 with Fujinon 35mm on a short walk along the trail in the area.  And then I processed all raw files in Aperture only.

The spring has not sprung yet here in Ontario and I didn't have a good variety of colours, everything was either B&W or yellow and blue:)

Tested, re-tested and... again, I was impressed with Aperture. It was extremely easy to post process both colour and B&W pictures to get results that I like. The user interface is super friendly, I even didn't bother to read any tutorials or manuals (but may be I should).

I wouldn't call these pictures spectacular but it was extremely easy to get good results quickly. Excellent details and colours, easy to use and very well integrated with Nik filters and Photoshop in case you need more power :)

I really like Aperture.


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