Sunday, 7 April 2013

My two Lightroom 4.4 presets for X-Trans CMOS

Last week Adobe released Lightroom 4.4 with enhanced support for Fujifilm X-Trans CMOS. This upgrade was result of joint Fujifilm and Adobe efforts, you can read the full story here.

With this release Adobe significantly improved demosaicing algorithm to address previous so called "water colour" and "colour bleeding" issues with X-trans CMOS raw files, albeit not 100% but they were reduced to a negligible level.

Great news. But  I was disappointed to see that default output looked somewhat soft and dull. Sure I spent time working on sharpening and colour adjustments to make X-Pro 1 raw files look to my liking.

Finally I came up with two sets of adjustments, one is colour and another one is B&W, that look consistently good with the majority of my photos, and saved them as Lightroom presets.

In my workflow I am using these presets as a starting point for Fuji X-trans raw file post processing, I apply the preset first and then make further adjustments (exposure, highlights, etc) only if required. Works well for me:)

You can download both presets (current version 2) from here: ==> Presets



  1. Pardon the newbie question, but how do I use your presets after downloading them?

    1. It's okay, I managed to figure it out :-)

      thanks for sharing these great presets.


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