Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Italy with Panasonic DMC-LX5 (Florence)

Couple days ago I was asked if Panasonic LX-7 is good enough to take on a trip to Italy. I never used LX-7 but about a year ago I had LX-5 with me on a trip to Florence and Rome. I checked archives and realized that although I had Canon DSLR and several L lenses I mostly used LX-5.


The camera is tiny and weights nothing. The lens is fairly fast, covers excellent range (24-90mm) and image stabilization works well . The flash can be set to rear-curtain sync to make perfectly exposed portraits in front of a landmark at night. But most important you can shoot in raw format. With the little help of Lightroom you can easily get very decent pictures.
In Florence I didn't feel well enough to carry heavy Canon gear with me, so 100% of pictures were taken with LX-5. Some of them:

Pull Love. One of my favourite.

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