Thursday, 18 July 2013

X-clusive Event: good things are coming!

Hi folks,
Yesterday I attended Fujifilm X event and here is my report.
Key points:
  • It was very well organized. No BS dry presentations, instead - open face-to-face  discussions about cameras, lenses and shooting techniques. 
  • It was clear that Fujifilm is listening to the voice of their customers and standing strong behind their products. For sure.
  • Greg and Billy (and all other Fuji reps on the floor) are true photographers with years of hands-on experience (various cameras, lenses, films). They are passionate about photography. They understand our concerns and are working on to address them. 

Greg's opening remarks and introduction of Mr. Saito, Manager, Technical for digital cameras & optical devices.

Fuji X-M1 (X-Trans camera for everyone)

The camera is light but built very solid. I didn't expect such quality finish, no "plastic" feeling at all. I also think that knobs/dials "resistance" is better than on my X-Pro1. Familiar interface, joy to use. Same applies to new zoom and 27/2.8 lenses. I took couple pictures with Fujinon XF27/2.8 and it worked well with X-Pro1 body.

It just felt a bit odd to use command dial to change the aperture value. Other than that I didn't have any major concerns, very nice, small and compact lens.
X-M1 obviously accepts all other XF lenses including with aperture ring. Overall I was very pleased with X-M1 build quality and performance

X-M1 technical details are ==> here

I also had a chance to talk about "what's cooking" and that's what I understood (not official!)

1. July 23rd FW update (X-Pro1/XE1/Lenses):
  • It is not the first one nor the last one FW update. But major. Fujifilm will continue to support X-generation. Major FW updates are coming to other X cameras.
  • Minimum shutter speed at Auto ISO is being addressed (next FW update?)
  • I tested focus peaking and it works. More colour choices are coming.
  • AF will be improved on all lenses (each will require FW update) including 55-200 (no need to update lens FW but will need new camera FW 3.0). Don't know by how much the speed will be improved.
2. Lens Roadmap

All announced lenses are on schedule. 23/1.4 - October, 10-24 - December, 56/1.2 - January 2014. All with aperture rings and build to highest optical and mechanical standards. Prices were not disclosed, but should be competitive.

3. Tele photo prime lenses
  • Fujifilm is listening :) You never know what may come up on the next official lens roadmap. 
4. X-Trans & ACR

Fujifilm team is fully dedicated to continue their support to further improve Adobe ACR demosaicing algorithm. Adobe, common, add more resources!

Few more pictures from the event.

All guests were offered to have their portraits taken with...Fuji Instant System! Yes, Fuji still produces the camera and the film, similar to all-dead Polaroid (but well alive The Impossible Project) .  Cool!

Greg (The Fuji Guys) & Michael Reichmann (The Luminous Landscape)

Billy's (The Fuji Guys) favourite camera :)))

There was more food than on that tray :))

Fuji folks, thank you, I really enjoyed my time at the event. It was fun and yet productive.

Good things are coming!



  1. Hello Sir.,

    While reading very carefully your event report, i would like to ask you if there were any discussions /or if you have heard something about a replacement for the X-s1, in the near future? this is because i am keen on buying one and feel there are some features there are getting dated now. Since it will be 2 years old in some months i am struggling with what to do. If buying one, or waiting for the replacement to come?.
    Many thanks in advance if you are so kind to answer me.
    Gonçalo Sá - Portugal

    1. No, I didn't hear anything about X-S1 replacement. But it doesn't mean that the replacement is not coming.

  2. Fuji seems to be missing the boat on video. These days photographers, like myself, want to work with motion along with still images in one compact camera to present visuals to the world. If Fujifilm improved video mode to modern standards, like the sony nex systems, I'd switch to x-system in a heartbeat. Any info on the future of video on the x-systems? Do the new lenses offer quiet focusing for video mode? Will there be a video record button on next generation high end models? I love the fuji x platform more than any other mirrorless system, but I'm stuck with the sony nex 7 with it's sub par lenses because I can't do short films that combine video and photography at high quality with the fuji systems.


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