Wednesday, 10 July 2013

DCRAW 9.19

* July15th Update: Colour Noise

DCRAW is a very popular Open Source raw converter developed by Dave Coffin. DCRAW supports almost every raw format available on the market and  is used by a large variety of imaging programs, including Adobe, ACDSee, RPP, RawTherapy, LightZone, etc.
Just 6 months ago DCRAW 9.17 was possibly the  best raw converter for x-trans files. The level of details was amazing, no "foliage" or "colour bleeding" issues but it came with the price - so called "zipper aliasing".
Couple weeks ago version 9.19 was released and I quickly tested it. For test purposes I used raw file available at DPReview (Respective Owner, thank you and let me know if you would like to remove it from this review)

-v -w -o 1 +M -T
I think that DCRAW code (at least related to x-trans sensor) was significantly re-written, "zipper" effect is gone. But the output image looks a bit softer. Easy fix with USM.

I am impressed, the image looks very crisp and clean. Dave, job well done!

*** After doing some additional testing and pixel-peeping I found some weird colour noise in the some of my output files.

What strange is that noise (colour artefacts?) appears to be identical to Aperture.


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