Sunday, 3 August 2014

X-PRO1 vs. D800E vs. DP2M

Finally I got time to compare raw output from Fujifilm X-PRO 1, Sigma DP2M and Nikon D800E.

The test below is very much unscientific, it was conducted just out of my own curiosity. All three cameras are totally different beasts and putting them side by side might be not fair, but I as many others was wondering how uncommon CFA (X-Trans and Foveon, APC-S) sensors stack up against leading 24x36 Bayer.

Shooting conditions:
All cameras were set to: AWB, RAW, on a tripod with self-timer, aperture @ f/8, auto-focus

Nikon D800E: lens Nikkor AFS 50/1.4, post processed in ACR 8.6
X-Pro1: lens Fujinon XF 35/1.4, post processed in Iridient Developer 2.4.3
DP2M: lens Sigma 30/2.8, post processed in SPP 5.5.3

The garden scene:

I was testing colour rendition and ISO performance (DP2M was excluded from high ISO tests due to a well known reason :)

1. Base ISO

2. ISO 1600

3. ISO 3200

You can find all raw files posted at my Dropbox here.

The Eaton Hall.

I came to the Eaton Hall to emulate landscape/cityscape conditions and was mostly testing sensor's resolution / dynamic range at their base ISO.

Set # 1: Resolution
The scene:


Set # 2:  Dynamic Range
The scene:


Set # 3: Foliage
The scene:


Set # 4: Close up
The scene:


As always, you can find all raw files from each set at my Dropbox here.

I also quickly compared D800E and X-Pro1 with legacy Nikkor 105/2.5. Both photos were taken @ f/2.5, manually focused of course.

The scene:


Both raw files can be found here.

After reviewing hundreds of files all I can say that image quality is less dependant on the modern sensor size but rather on a good lens, shooting discipline (tripod!) and post processing skills. Another observation was that Sigma DP2M is yes, a "one trick pony", but if you know what you are doing you will be rewarded with mind blowing IQ.

I also realized that moving forward from excellent IQs to great PQs is way more important for me :)

Feel free to download files, post process them using your favourite converters and draw your own conclusion.



  1. Excellent post! I downloaded your files and to my surprise the difference is less than I expected. Thanks, Daniel

    1. Thanks Daniel, I am happy it was helpful, vkphoto

  2. Can you post jpegs?


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