Thursday, 28 August 2014

The monopod

Modern digital sensors are very demanding. If you want to get the most out of your fine sensor you need good glass, excellent post processing techniques and shooting discipline. And shooting discipline (holding the camera steady) is my main problem. I missed so many shots just because I didn't hold the camera steady enough. When I am using the old legacy or even modern lenses (with no IS/IBIS) the Golden Reciprocal Rule just doesn’t work for me anymore. May be it's just my hands.
I know that any decent tripod can resolve the problem by improving stability, but they are bulky and take time to set up. Monopods are much easier to manage. After a quick search I ordered one from eBay, $80 delivered to Canada.

In the bag:

Monopod, ball head, arca-swiss type plate (with 1/4 to 3/8 thread adapter) and 3-leg base


Maximum working height: 1660 mm
The minimum height: 590 mm
The largest diameter: 32.0 mm
Net weight:750 g
Maximum weight: 5.0 kg

Ball head:
Net Weight: 410g
Ball Diameter: 36mm
Height: 100mm
Maximum Load: 8kg

All aluminum alloy material, black oxidation surface treatment, section 4 foot tube, spiral locks.

Monopod is fairly compact and light. The three-leg base can be easily attached in 10 seconds and each leg has its own locking mechanism.

The monopod can be fixed in the upright position with the twist lock or freely swivel around the base

Compared to Gitzo 1542T tripod with Kirk BH3 Ball Head:

Craftsmanship: although the monopod/ball head are well made they are no match to Gitzo or Kirk. Period.

In the field.

I like monopod's height and sturdiness.

It could be used for shutter speeds longer than 1/15 in collapsed position. But be very careful, it is not tripod.


After couple days of using it I have to say that I am happy with my purchase. It is comfortable to use in the field and  it works well supporting my cameras + heavy lenses when I need 1/125 - 1/30 shutter speeds.

And ....  I can always use it as a walking stick or as a club for self defence :)

The monopod is called Psyche 3202, you can find exactly the same monopod under different names, just search ebay for “Unipod Monopod 3 Legs Base”, the ball head name is KS-0 Tripod Ball


  1. So, wich monopod is it that you have reviewed here?

  2. Hi Frank,

    The name is Psyche 3202, you can find the same monopod under different names, just search ebay for “Unipod Monopod 3 Legs Base”, the ball head name is KS-0 Tripod Ball



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