Saturday, 19 May 2012


It all started around 1984 when I got my first camera, then I developed my first film, then I printed my first picture in the darkroom and ... my life had changed forever. Since then photography has become my biggest passion in life. I had and still have some great lenses and cameras, anything from old 4x5 view cameras to modern full frame DSLRs. I am brand agnostic and using whatever camera is available or feels right for the moment.

From '80s. ICA A-G DRESDEN (old German camera circa 1912), 9 x 12 cm glass plate. Inspired by Joseph Sudek.

And few more photos.
Early '90s. Canon AE-1, 35 mm film

Late '90s Nikon F-80, 35 mm film

2002, Canon PowerShot G2, my first digital camera

2005, Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5, Polaroid 55 film

2011, Canon 5D MII

2012 New iPad, Instagram


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