Sunday, 6 July 2014

MC TELE ROKKOR-PF 135 mm 1:2.8 revisited

I bought the lens about two years ago and was happy with the results but didn't use it too often since I acquired XF 55-200.

After reading some less than stellar reviews about this particular version (6 elements in 5 groups ) I decided to revisit the lens.

Below is the result of shooting exclusively with this lens during the Canada Day weekend. All photos were taken with X-Pro1, most of the time the lens was set to its max aperture, files were post processed in Iridient Developer.

Again I was pleased with colour rendition

and the sharpness

OOF blur and bokeh look very pleasing to my eyes

I like the "dreamy, airy" rendering the lens produces. CA is no differ than on most of the legacy lenses and can be easily corrected during the post processing.

So at the end I didn't change my opinion, MC TELE ROKKOR-PF 135 mm 1:2.8 is a very good lens for MIL cameras with APS-C sensor. But now I am intrigued how 6/5 version stacks up again 4/4 design. I will compare both in couple weeks once the other lens arrives.

And one more picture - Happy Birthday Canada!

*** Update: Instead of buying a 4/4 version I decided to buy a difference lens, Minolta MD ZOOM 35-70 mm f / 3.5
I doubt that 4/4 is significantly better but zoom should be in a different league.***

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