Sunday, 22 June 2014

Walk in the Park with the Fuji Guys

This time Fujifilm Canada organized event at the Evergreen Brick Works. Great opportunity to meet other fellow photographers, take pictures and to try out Fuji cameras and lenses. I also took this opportunity to talk directly to Fuji reps about potential improvements, what can be done better.  And we all know - Fuji are listening!

I knew that Fuji cameras are quite popular but I didn't expect to see such a large crowd of photo enthusiasts on Sunday morning. What a great turnout of people.

Some pictures from the event.

As always, Fuji event was very well organized, many thanks to Fujifilm Canada and Evergreen Brick Works staff:

Greg and Billy - the Fuji Guys:

Greg demonstrates proper camera holding technique:

Few snaps from the pond area:

 X-Pro 1 + XF 55-200

 X-Pro 1 + XF 55-200

 X-Pro 1 + XF 14

Nancy, Greg's beautiful wife, kindly agreed to be our model for portrait shooting:

 X-Pro 1 + magnificent XF 56/1.2

Master Billy at work:

Wetting hands at the Watershed Consciousness

I had great time and truly enjoyed the event. And yes, I tried new XF 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR (a pre production unit). I am still going through the files and hopefully will post my initial impression soon.

All the best,


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