Monday, 25 March 2013

Minox III S

Last weekend I was cleaning my basement and came across one very dusty box that I acquired may be 6 years ago but completely forgot about it. To my surprise it was full of old photographic equipment, mostly obsolete, but couple items caught my eye.

Two tiny well crafted leather boxes with very fancy chains.

Yes, it was Minox III S camera (S for flash sync connector) and a light meeter. A famous spy camera from 60s! To my surprise both are still fully functional, not sure how accurate though.

I also found couple manuals

and old magazine ad

I did a quick search on the internet and found some interesting details about this camera.

The camera features Complan 15 mm 1:3.5 lens and 1/1000-1/2, B,T shutter
Made in Germany, Wetzlar. Who else is there? Right, Leica.  Complan lens was designed by ex-Leica lens designer Arthur Seibert. I am really fascinated by this tiny camera, exquisite craftsmanship and yet so practical, even the chain has its purpose.

According to Crypto Museum : "When photographing documents, the measuring chain comes in handy. It is 60 cm long and has small markers (bullets) at 20, 24, 30 and 40 cm, just like the markings on the focusing dial. When using the full length of the chain (i.e. 60 cm) the distance is ideal for photographing A4+ size documents."

Another interesting story is that Lee Harvey Oswald might had it on the day of the assassination.

I am not sure if I can still take any pictures with this little gem (any 8x11 film out there?), but this camera with distinct character and the history behind already took special place in my collection.

As they once said: " The little Minox -  for great enjoyment"


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