Friday, 28 December 2012

Reading National Geographic, 1982 January edition

Couple months ago I picked up 30 years old National Geographic 1982 January edition.  I was interested in article about the Berlin Wall and was wondering how the Wall was seen back then, long 7 years before its fall. What a fascinating reading! But, as a photographer and practical collector,  I also spotted one camera ad in the magazine and it was the "Wildlife as Canon sees it".

After digging internet I found that, according to Wikipedia, it was the FIRST Canon's ad featuring new F-1 in National Geographic. The only other recognizable picture of the camera in that edition was....

Nikon F !

You might ask why I am so exited about seeing old cameras in the old magazine? Well, I don't know. May be because I realized that some great walls are come and go, and some great cameras just stay forever.


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