Monday, 24 September 2012

X-PRO 1 RAW file processing

As you all aware there is an issue with with X-PRO 1 raw files. Lightroom creates a watercolor effect and provided Silkypix converter creates washed out images and it is too cumbersome to use. But  I was and still am extremely happy with OOC jpeg files. Images are clean, colorful and sharp.
Today I tried a new workflow published by Kinematic Digit on Flickr and it works really well. Here is my comparison:

01_JPG.tif  - OOC jpeg
02_RAF_KD.tif  - raw file converted using KD's method
03_RAF_LR.tif - raw file converted with LR standard settings
04_RAF_SP.tif - raw file converted with Silkypix

Results are very good but I still can't still justify an extra work.



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